Today in class we learned about chemical weathering. We learned softer materials and stone are more likely to be weathered quicker.

Tonight’s homework: The Weathering of Earth Crossword

Words for Crossword in no particular order:

  • chemical
  • mechanical
  • oxidation
  • acid
  • differential (#12- we didn’t talk about this one yet)
  • roots
  • water
  • icewedging
  • gravity
  • weathering
  • wind
  • abrasion

See you tomorrow!


3 responses to “5.29.18

  1. Hi Ms.Saccoccio i was wondering if you knew how long the meeting for the national junior honor society was going to be?

  2. Thanks for The HElp I appreciate it I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA THE DEFINITIONS XDD

  3. If you do not know can you please tell me were to find it.

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