Today in class we learned a little bit about volcanoes and what makes them erupt quietly or explosively.

Quiet eruptions have low viscosity magma and low silica magma.

Explosive eruptions have high viscosity magma and high silica magma.

Tonight’s Homework: Vocabulary

Plate tectonics- the theory that pieces of Earth’s lithosphere are in constant motion, driven by convection currents in the mantle

Plates- a section of the lithosphere that slowly moves over the asthenosphere, carrying pieces of continental and oceanic crust

Convergent Boundary- A plate boundary where two plates move toward each other

Divergent Boundary- A plate boundary where two plates move away from each other

Transform Boundary- A plate boundary where two plates move past each other in opposite directions

Faults- A break in Earth’s crust where masses of rock slip past each other

Earthquake- The shaking that results from the movement of rock beneath Earth’s surface

Seismic Wave- Vibrations that travel through Earth carrying the energy released during an earthquake

Cinder Cone Volcano- A steep cone-shaped hill or small mountain made of volcanic ash, cinders, and bombs piled up around a volcano’s opening

Composite Volcano- a tall, cone-shaped mountain in which layers of lava alternate with layers of ash and other volcanic materials

Shield Volcano- A wide, gently sloping mountain made of layers of lava and formed by quiet eruptions


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  1. hi this is omari what is the percent if u don’t draw pictures for the vocab?

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