Hello Hello!

Today in class we started a brochure on plate boundaries. You had the entire period to work on this and it is worth a lot in your notebook grade. It is due next Tuesday (when we start our new unit) so you have plenty of time to finish it with quality work.

Tonight’s homework: continue working on crossword I gave yesterday (due tomorrow) and work on your brochure

Here are the book pages if you need some info, but feel free to check out some science sites also.



See you tomorrow!

Ms. S.


7 responses to “5.3.18

  1. Ms. Saccoccio, is this brochure going to be only all about the types of plate boundaries and how they occur and when they occur???

  2. Ms.saccoccio,
    Do you have the check list for the brochure?
    I will be out tomorrow. So if you don’t have it can you post it tomorrow?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Ava I’m actually out sick again today myself. I will give you the rubric tomorrow and you can have an extra day. I should be feeling better and back to work by then.

  3. Ok thank you I hope you feel better.

  4. what is your email so i can send u the extra credit instead of writing it

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