Today in class we watched the video “colliding continents” which tied together many of the concepts we have been learning about and even previewed some of the concepts we will be learning about after break. You had a short set of questions you had to answer along with the video and a summary for after.

Tonight’s homework:

  1. finish summary if you didn’t in class
  2. Picturing Pangea

Somehow the scanner made the words a little blurry so below is the list of questions if you have a hard time reading them.

  1. Pangaea sits alone in a huge ocean of water called Panthaissa
  2. The two continents are named Gondwanaland and Laurasia
  3. India is connected to Asia
  4. This is the first time period in which Australia and Antarctica have drifted apart
  5. The continents begin as one supercontinent called Pangaea
  6. The continents exist as we know them today
  7. Gondwanaland has split and Africa and South America have appeared. India has broken away from Africa but is not connected to Asia
  8. This is the last time period during which Eurasia and North America remain joined
  9. The Tethys Sea has split Pangaea into two continents
  10. The North Atlantic Ocean has split Eurasia and North America

2 responses to “4.11.18

  1. What do the words in the pictures say?

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