Today in class we continued to learn about the digestive system.

We watched Bill Nye on Digestion.

Completed a foldable where we found out the function of each part of the digestive tract.

  1. Mouth- chemically and physically breakdown food with teeth
  2. Esophagus- bring the food to the stomach through peristalsis
  3. Stomach- add enzymes and acids to help digest
  4. Small Intestine- absorb the nutrients
  5. Large Intestine- take out the water and hold onto the waste

Finally we completed our section summary sheet on how the digestive system works with other systems in the body to help carry out life’s essential functions.

We found out that :

  1. digestion works with the circulatory system by providing the nutrients needed to be absorbed by the blood
  2. digestion works with the nervous system because the brain controls digestion and hunger
  3. digestion works with the muscular system because there are many muscle movements that help in digestion and organs that are muscles that are part of the digestive tract
  4. digestion works with the excretory system by sending the water out tot he kidneys and holding onto solid waste before it is excreted

There is no homework tonight UNLESS you scored below a 74% on the past quiz. If you did you MUST complete the packet provided to you in class. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL IT IS REQUIRED.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. S.


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