Today we learned about animal cells and their organelles. We learned about the following organelles and the jobs they do.

  1. Nucleus- controls the cell and its functions (the “brain” of the cell)
  2. Golgi Bodies- help package materials from the endoplasmic reticulum and distribute them around the cell or outside of it
  3. Cell Membrane- encloses the cell and acts like a screen to allow some materials to pass through it but not others
  4. cytoplasm- gel-like fluid made of mostly water that takes up most of the space inside the cell
  5. Vacuoles- small fluid-filled structures that temporarily store different substances needed by the cell
  6. Endoplasmic Reticulum- internal delivery system for cell
  7. Ribosomes- make protein for the cell

Take a look at the model we did in class.

cell model


Homework tonight: Read and annotate / highlight and answer the questions (1. Why did Robert Hooke name his discovery “cells”?  2. List the 6 parts to the cell theory.) Getting_to_Know__Cell_Theory



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