Today we learned about the characteristics/ traits that all living things share.

Take Aways:

All living things must have ALL the characteristics below to be living.

  1. reproduction (making more of themselves)
  2. growth (getting larger or more complicated)
  3. sensitivity (responding to stimuli)
  4. movement (internal or external)
  5. respiration (exchanging gases with environment)
  6. excretion (getting rid of waste)
  7. feeding (taking in substances needed to survive)

We also learned that all non living things can be sorted into two categories.

  1. abiotic
  2. biotic

Tonight’s Homework is to pick one of the characteristics of life and make word art for it on the paper I provided in class. If you have lost the paper you can do it on any paper you have at home. In order to earn full credit the word art needs to be large, neat, and colored.

See the example below.


Stay safe and warm in the storm. See you tomorrow or Friday 🙂


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