Today in class we applied what we have learned about the scientific method and controlled experiments to short lab on surface tension.

We started by discussing the surface tension of water and then made a hypothesis on whether soap would increase or decrease the surface tension.

We ran 3-5 trials and calculated the average amount of drops on a penny for soapy vs. tap water.

penny lab 2.jpg

penny lab

Homework tonight is page 22 in your notebook (vocabulary). Copy the vocabulary from the readings we did onto page 22. I’ve also listed them below. In the empty box, draw a picture to help you remember the definition.

Independent Variable: the one variable you change in an experiment, the one variable you are “testing”

Dependent Variable: the one variable you measure in an experiment, it is dependent on the independent variable

Control Variables: the many variables that must stay the same in an experiment in order to only be testing one variable (the independent)

Hypothesis: a possible solution to the problem/ a prediction

Scientific Method: a series of steps that scientists use to solve and investigate problems


Don’t forget to bring your notebook back!


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  2. I will bring back my notebook and that is a promise.

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